R3 Vision: Rebuild, Restore, Renew

We promise together not to neglect the house of our God.
— Nehemiah 10:39

In 2001, Alpine Christian Fellowship purchased an 11-acre property to build a new church facility. After two years, the church renovated an office building and constructed a new sanctuary. Since 2003, ACF has increased the facilities to include 9 mobile trailers, which contain classrooms, kitchens, offices, and fellowship rooms. Over the past 15 years, the property and its facilities have gradually aged and deteriorated considerably without any substantial overhauls or maintenance - creating unsafe and unattractive conditions.

In 2018, ACF launched their R3 Vision that seeks to rebuild the aging church infrastructure, restore the sanctuary, lobby, and courtyard with an updated remodel, and renew our church in the community with a new name that reflects our vision to reach people far from God and teach them to follow Jesus.

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The R3 Rebuild Project seeks to address the aging infrastructure of our current property and facilities by inspecting, evaluating, renovating, and repairing the damaged and dated buildings of our church based on the following categories:

  1. Critical Priority - Situations which pose an immediate threat to personal health or safety or of major damage to buildings, equipment, or other property.
  2. Necessary Priority - Eminent sever damage to facilities, which is reasonably preventable. Conditions that represent potential safety or health hazards.
  3. Recommended Priority - Renovations required to change the aesthetic, alter, or update the function of a space. Work that represents improvements or additions.


The R3 Restore Project seeks to refurbish and remodel the plain and outdated sanctuary, lobby, and courtyard with a warm, welcoming, and inviting design and atmosphere that fosters contemplative worship, interactive Bible teaching, and positive connections:

  1. Rustic - The design incorporates a rustic feel by integrating warm woods, metal, and vintage lighting elements to create a cozy and relaxing environment.
  2. Modern - The design is intended to utilize contemporary audio and video technology that draws people into an immersive worship experience.
  3. Relevant - The design seeks to authentically relate to our local community with outdoor themes for families, kids, and youth.
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The R3 Renew Project seeks to relaunch ACF with a new name that embodies our vision and mission for the future growth and multiplication of the church in San Diego county and beyond with the following guiding strategic principles:

  1. Biblical - When God had a new purpose and plan, He would often change someone’s name, reflecting a new direction and calling (Abraham, Peter, Paul).
  2. Borders - When the scope of a church’s ministry grows beyond a name that is geographically limited, or when a geographical location is no longer relevant.
  3. Bridges - When the name is a barrier to the people that a church is trying to reach because of its perception or identity in the community.


The following information contains titles, responsibilities, and contact summaries for the R3 Vision Leadership Team in order to facilitate better communication regarding comments, questions, concerns, and suggestions:

Executive Manager

The R3 Executive Manager is responsible for the overall leadership of the R3 Vision Projects, which includes inspections, scheduling, budgeting, and maintenance related inquires.

Sherwood Patterson

Assistant Manager

The R3 Assistant Manager is responsible for assisting the Executive Manager in the overall leadership of the R3 Vision Project, which includes inspections, scheduling, budgeting, and maintenance related inquires.

Tim Owen

Project Coordinator

The R3 Project Coordinator works with the Executive Manager to plan and implement all work related projects, which includes organizing contractors, work days, and volunteer teams.

Todd Klingensmith

Financial Contributions

Those interested in giving directly to the R3 Vision can do so through our safe and secure online giving account.