ACF Worship Ministry Team


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The people of God singing the praises of God in the presence of God for the purposes of God



The purpose of the worship ministry at ACF is to lead the people of the local church into a lifestyle of worship.
We desire to lead people to worship the Lord throughout their daily lives. We strive to create an atmosphere in every worship service that invites people to encounter the presence of the Lord for Him to minister to their needs through His power in their lives.


Special Worship Events



On the first Sunday night of the month we have an intimate time of prayer, worship & fellowship.



A special summer series of mid-week services with a focus on kindling regular devotions of worship, prayer & study of God’s Word.


Nights of Worship

Special evenings where the only agenda is worshiping Jesus Christ in song!             

Typically taking place on a Friday evening in the Main sanctuary, a Night of Worship is for the whole church to come spend time in God’s presence without the time constraints of a Sunday morning service.




The ACF Worship Ministry uses Planning Center Online for service planning and preparation, internal communications, and music distribution. If you're a part of the worship ministry, you can follow this link to enter the website:

Planning Center Online


Here is a Dropbox folder with downloadable charts & lyrics used by the ACF Worship Ministry Team:

Click To Download

Live Worship Audio Samples

Here are a few sample recordings of live ACF worship and accompanying song charts:

Get Involved


Different areas to plug in include:

            - vocalist or instrumentalist in a worship team

            - sound, media, lights, video tech team member

            - worship volunteer for ministries: Childrens, Youth, Womens, Mens

            - special events, outreach teams, Life groups

            - visual design, graphic arts, web & social media

            - Hula Praise Ministry


Roadmap To Participate


We are Ohana (family) and we love to include new people!  We will meet with new folks one on one to get to know you, and extend the invitation to begin attending our rehearsals.  Once we have gotten a sense of who you are in terms of the qualities listed below, and seen how well you gel with the Worship Ministry family – an evaluation process that usually takes a few weeks to a month – we’ll begin inviting you to participate with the teams.


If you would like to become an active part of the worship ministry, please feel free to contact us at any time!  We would love to get to know you and connect you to the ministry area where you can be the most effective in building His kingdom. You can get in touch with Pastor Brendan by clicking here:



1) Membership

To start the process of becoming a member of our ministry team, first make sure you're on board with our Core Beliefs

( What We Believe ) and contact the ACF Office to sign up for our Discover ACF class to become a church member.


2) Agreement

Read & be on board with the ACF Philosophy of Worship


3) Alignment

Read & be on board with the standards of serving, as well as our ministry expectations outlined in the Worship Ministry Manual


4) Fill out an ACF Ministry Application & submit to the Worship Pastor


5) Personal meeting with Worship Pastor

Our leadership would love to get to know you & hear your story!


6) Commit to personal preparation and regularly attend rehearsals



In accordance with the values established in these statements, these are the values we look at for prospective participants in our Worship ministry:

            - Character: Servant-Hearted, Humble, Passionate, Positive Attitude

            - Musical/Technical Ability: Proficient at your craft

            - Availability: able to be a regular participant

            - Commitment: willing to be part of the family

            - Consistency: authentic & reliable

            - Ethic of Excellence: "good enough" is never good enough.

Only excellence is worthy for The King and His people!!!